Personal/Business Safety

Firearms Training

We offer hands-on Firearms training including Concealed Handgun Permit classes, Business and Individual threat assessment/consultation, critical incident/active gunman in the workplace training, and Less Lethal Weapon Options. Our instructors are all current Law Enforcement Officers with backgrounds in SWAT teams, SERT teams and Overseas Government Security Operations. Our instructors have training experience in many disciplines and have taught citizens, security agents, and law enforcement officers in Survival Tactics, Firearms and Less Lethal Options. Ragnarok Tactical specializes in delivering training to Individuals and Businesses that is custom tailored to the mission of your organization or the needs of the individual and delivered in manner that is relaxed and effective.   ​ At Ragnarok Tactical we know that the world can be an unpredictable place, but with the right mindset and the right training “There Is ALWAYS an Option….”

We are at the forefront of Less Lethal Training as well. Our Combination Pepper Spray/ Flashlight Classes have gained popularity at businesses. 

Less Lethal Protection

We offer firearms classes from NRA Basic Pistol and Concealed Handgun Permit to Advanced Pistol, Tactical Rifle and Close Quarters Shotgun.​​
​​We tailor our Personal Safety Awareness classes to the individual and the organization. Our Tactical Living and Tactical Workplace Classes 

RAGNAROK, Our name says it all. The Norse word for Final Conflict and the belief in being prepared for ANY Crisis. Ragnarok Tactical Training, LLC is a Northern Colorado based company devoted to quality firearms, threat assessment, less lethal devices and critical incident training for individuals, groups, businesses and government agencies. Unlike many training organizations that focus strictly on uncomfortable "Drill Sergeant" style firearms training, Ragnarok Tactical tailors YOUR training needs into every one of our personal or business training classes. We encourage you to host a business or residence as the training classroom location so YOU are in the most comfortable learning environment, but our classroom at the Front Range Gun Club in Loveland is always available and open registration classes can be found on our Schedule a Class tab.